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The music always comes first and the name later. Before a human can speak words, they speak sounds. The name is a designation to put the sound in a certain category or make a certain association. When a name is added to a sound the sound that was there before the name does not change. When you put on a shirt you don’t become one thing that is a combination of the shirt and your naked body. You are always your naked self and all things from the outside can only be draped over the top. This album is about the sound that has always been in myself. The sound before it was called trumpet and before I was titled musician. That sound has marched through lives eternal towards the far off ultimate settling of total harmony. The choosing of a name that can transfer our sound from one soul prison to another. When someone or something sufficiently communicates the silent sound from soul to souls we can call them a Master. When the sound is frozen inorganically it is called a Master. When a certain level of institutional education is achieved, one obtains a Masters. When great men have stood atop the very mountains that they actually were, they are called Masters. When one has pursued total efficiency one can become a Master. This is what we all pursue…ultimate efficiency…vibration that is infinite as well as non-existent simultaneously. I have loved the Masters of the world. Wether it is my father or a historical figure from the past I have seen them as drawing from the same conduit of flow and efficiency. I have tried to see the many streams of occurrence and compare them until oneness is left. Ultimate Mastery becomes all because once something is truly Mastered it is no longer in anyone’s hands. It is what is. It is not another thing in addition to what it is. It exists solely with all else that is. All that it is knows all that you are and became all that you are. You have the wind of infinity at your back. Don’t look at other people that are looking at you. Look forward and feel the addition of other’s quests and not the comparison. Merge into the highway of infinity moving ever forward, never fighting the current of what wills itself to be.

Style Non-Motion:

They all know which river has taken you away only to wash in again. You are in now and they are out and the centipede crawls through…one hundred parts of physical deterioration. But the feeling of life is surely bearable when truth straightens your face.


A world crashing in on the inability of a feeble human mind to contain the burden of truth. Out of chaos develops groove and the good feeling of commitment. Now that one is committed, one can be truly free. Give yourself to something. Imperfect your groove as the unimpressed eyes watch you surrender to awkwardness and all that is the groove. Give up and give in…


A La Mode:

A skeletal vagrant lurching through a high class gathering in a posh atmosphere. Often I feel that no matter what part of our most brief and limited existence I attempt to dress myself in I always am inescapably primitive and at the table with beasts of beauty and destruction. My whole world only breathes when it stays close to the dirt from which it came.



Longing to be moved you are moved back to yourself as there is no more reason to look to others. They are there but you are everywhere. The world you live in unexperienced by anyone and therefore destined for ultimate uniqueness. Soldiers of self with certificates of soul authenticity. The infinite nothing that became everything accepts the contribution that it has already given you to give. Your complete lack of a choice constitutes total freedom as you have chosen only the righteous in the face of all other possibilities.

Pimp in Time:

Traveling through existence not taking but aiming that which is already you. Music with no intent. The sound of humans breathing, the song of a pumping heart. With the grid of graciousness the beat rolls as logical systems function in a naturally progressive existence. Ultimately all are prepared for the fire breathing truth to melt the steel of time potential. The unreal aspect of time continuously fools the follower.


The Chaos of one man sounding in a choir of billions. The loudest singer will be sacrificed to the impermanent impression of lost souls. Continued persistence with discriminant detail regardless of the torrential situation. When a moment of reckoning comes, the true self is faced and the trials are repeated. Lessons are learned…or they aren’t. The world exchanges extravagant pleasure and the desires of man burn his loins to purity. In the end one must sing it away and laugh it around. Then the mystery and wonder can excite our minds onto an arbitrary edge only to return to where we never left.

Live in Love:

The tone of the heart…

Mike World:

Inside a world where your prison label becomes a symbol of a place where no one exists. This turns into a mundane reality speaker box vibrating self music. The symphony of sanity is ever present and is often more present in an insane person. Knowledge of the angles of perspective is awarded to those who don’t know but realize. Knowing more than can be declared, one experiences moments of worldly joy but the return to excitement is positively worrisome and requires an even relationship with the neutrality of the inescapable groove. Strangely the derangement is brief and is followed by logical complexity in it’s most beautiful form. What can be discovered other than the badge of authenticity that is only discovered by never finding oneself and always being oneself.

Micro Phone Mic:

The seriousness of the self and it’s pressure can inspire one to loosen the valve that society issues. Existence is perceived as being based on validity when such a notion is so invalid, changing, and impermanent. Validity in it’s actual state is binary as there is only that which exists and that which does not exist. In reality there is no thing that does not exist as well since even a non-existent concept is itself in existence. Because of this no one can be invalidated since the only true point of validation is this existence. We can not step outside of this existence to realize what does not exist for that defies the very idea of existing or not.


Questioning what glob of orphaned food that your absent creator has slopped on your tray only creates a performance that entertains. People are not fed by other people but rather by the grace of natural existence. Within’ this grace we decide the journey we have. We all start and end at different places. Existence has become everything that we realize and we must not try to create and possess what we choose to represent us in action and material result. Your influence on the river of Destiny is present but it is far subordinate to the total influence of infinity. We must smile knowing that all is behind us and when we struggle, we struggle through a fraction of what is conquered by the unstoppable force of Destiny.


Trumpet Lesson # 4

Trumpet Lesson # 3

Life is a Lesson

Trumpet Lesson # 2

Trumpet Lesson # 1

High Lights


You are a puzzle piece. Puzzle pieces are similar yet they are all different. Puzzle pieces fit where they fit and not where they don’t. If you attempt to move your puzzle piece to a spot that is occupied by another, it will not fit and you would have to remove one from the spot where it fits. That would leave two empty spots and two pieces unable to fulfill their true function. In our lives as we evolve, we occupy a certain place in everything. You can be whatever you want but maybe what you want is not as important as what you are. I, for example, am a musician. If I’m feeling reactions to various injustices in the world, the worst thing I could do is quit music, post angry rants on facebook all day, and walk around with a sign yelling and shaking my fist. All of that needs to be done and is completely necessary to get the information to everyone but NOT at the expense of peoples valuable identity as individuals. Every person has something completely unique and even specialized to offer existence. NOTHING should compromise what you have to offer the world. You change the world by giving it who you truly are. When things are bad, people need to concentrate on turning up what they’ve already been contributing to the world. Don’t throw away who you are to make a difference. Unless you are who you are, you are denying the world of what it deserves, your truest gifts. Instead of posting a bunch, give some advice in your field that could possibly contribute to the advancement of these issues. When you put all of that together you have a complete puzzle that can paint the picture we all want. Offer business solutions, express yourself through art and music, speak out through politics, and march and protest, but only and ONLY if you are offering your best self in the process. That brings us to another point which I think is the biggest issue. Everybody has so many problems and most don’t want to face them and become hypocrites that blame all of their problems on other people. This leads to attempting to escape yourself out of insecurity and fill the void with something that you are not in the hopes that it will take you to a better place. Other people certainly have a hand in the course of your life but most people’s problems are fundamentally because of their own choices. Ask yourself if you are doing ANYTHING to take away from your identity and your precious talents. If you are you’re selling yourself short and you are denying the public of the best thing that you have to offer a hurting society, then you are not helping anyone and you have not fulfilled your destiny.

Mike Shields Self-Titled

Mike in the Sky

This beginning can only be understood in the way that I understand everything: exactly as I perceive it. Of course I am quite capable of misinterpreting 100% of reality. That being said, a complete misinterpretation placed in the form of music becomes reality. Even if it doesn’t actually exist but they truly believe themselves to have heard it, we find a music that is fully established in reality. There is only one reality that all perceived realities exist within regardless of whether or not they are aware of each other. There are an infinite number of entities that we will never perceive but that does not mean that we cannot be a part of the shared reality with an awareness and connectivity that reflects the actual absence of nothingness on our shared plane of existence.

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